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Star Wars:  The Clone Wars

Action video game based on the film Star Wars Episode II:  Attack of the Clones

Year of production: 2002

Platform:  Xbox, Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube

Company:  Pandemic Studios/LucasArts


  • Designed, built, and scripted five single player missions

  • Led the design of the Xbox LIVE online multiplayer add-on for Star Wars, hailed by reviewers as the “bread-and-butter” of the game which distinguished the Xbox version as superior to other platforms.

  • Designed the game's final boss battle (the Dark Reaper)

  • Managed the creation and integration of all the game’s sound and music.

  • Contributed to overall game design (units, weapons, AI, power-ups, combat mechanics)

  • Manual writer

Click here to watch a video of one of my levels being played!

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